You’re good enough, assert your greatness.

Having a Divine Nature Attitude makes you unstoppable in the land of the living and enables you to do exploits by the power of faith. You might ask: what is a Divine Nature Attitude? It’s the recognition of yourself as God’s Image and the practical application of that knowledge in your daily experience which enables you to exercise your authority and live life with a sense of royalty. The understanding that you’re not ordinary makes you courageous and inspires your willingness to apply your gift and live life to the fullest. Your worth isn’t determined by your work, your work is a channel for the outward manifestation of your wisdom. With the necessary education you’re ready for the top level experience of life. The feeling of being worthy gives you the power to unleash your wealth and maximize your impact through giving. Your greatness isn’t dependent on the circumstances you are currently experiencing ( whether good or bad )or the position you occupy in society, it’s a gift from God. Jesus said” I and my father are one”. In Christ, you’re the expression of God’s intelligent nature. A lion doesn’t give birth to a cat. The feeling of self-disqualification that makes you think most times: that you’re not good enough is inspired by the devil to make you avoid your authentic role in the the stage of life. Your joy is the target of the devil and by making you to feel inferior about yourself you’re influenced to make the wrong choice in matters of life and live in perpetual state of unhappiness.

In Psalm 82:6 KJV, God says” I have said, ye are gods; and all of you are the children of the most High“. If you don’t know who you are you live life as a slave, you sell your destiny for momentary pleasures like Esau who sold his birthright for a plate of portage. Self-negative judgement is the worst enemy of destiny. If you think you’re not good enough, that’s the way the world will treat you. Don’t believe that is only by getting to the top as a celebrity that you become great, you are the embodiment of God! You bring value to whatever you do, and being governed by the sense of exceptionality, you are able to walk on the path of great men and spread happiness to the desolate places as an agent of light on the earth and take advantage of opportunities.

When people feel inferior they define it as shame or fear as an excuse to avoid what they feel called to do in life and by so doing they delay the manifestation of their callings through procrastination. For most of them, they conform because they lacked confidence, little did they know that a Goat in Africa can’t become a Lion in America. This is why most of them misunderstood purpose for position. An Apple seed doesn’t grow and bring forth Orange, its nature of intelligence is to produce Apple. Perfection is your divine birthright. it’s not what you do or what you are struggling to become that determines your fulfillment or how great you are, but your ability to believe that you’re God’s masterpiece. Wherever you pick up a gold, its value remained the same, and when you add it to any ordinary thing its value changes, that’s why the manger where Jesus was born became the destination of the wise men. Anywhere a king lives is a palace! kings are born to lead and demonstrate the splendor of majesty.Your current state might not be reflecting this reality but that’s who you are in Christ. You’re born to be a voice of the silent inspiration of God and affect your generation by asserting your greatness in your aspect of destiny.

Finally, have the consciousness of power and the willingness to serve God and bless humanity and your goodness will do you good in the long run. This is your true reality: You’re the perfection of God’s beauty and the evidence of his creative nature! Shalom.

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