Don’t place limitation on your Happiness.

Life is not a battle ground, it’s an experience of peace. Your duty is to guide your heart with all diligence from anything that has the power of robbing you of your joy and happiness. Never wait for happiness and never seek for it from things and people, you will be disappointed if that expectation is not meant. Let your hope be anchored on the promises of God concerning you in Christ Jesus, for he has said ” i will not live you nor forsake you, and the bible made us to understand that: all things work together for good to them that love God……. Romans 8:28 !”. Knowing that God is always working behind the scene to bring you into your expected end, it becomes relevant for you to bask in the joy of been alive and enjoy every moment because God’s promises never fail.

Most people lived several years on earth- some 85, 60, 76, 100 and so on, but the days they spent in true happiness might not be up to 20 years. They spent most of their life waiting for happiness in the hope that when they become rich everything will be okay and their joy will be full, unfortunately, their expectation didn’t happen and they die in poverty! Others became wealthy and they realized that been rich materially doesn’t completely guarantee true happiness. If faith is the substance of things hope for, joy is the evidence of things not seen based on your trust in God. Having faith means you are at peace under any circumstance which translates to patience. By being patient you are able to envision a dream and persistently go through the journey of achieving it. when you are in control of your happiness, you are able to make great choices and the future no longer exist. This is the first step of unlocking your confidence.

The reasons you have to guide your happiness is that it affects your health. It fuels your faith and inspires your drive to accomplish your goals. Any time you feel unmotivated about certain task it’s because your happiness has subsided, making you feel tired, unproductive and opens door for laziness. You are like the driver of a car on the road. When your vehicle lacks fuel, reaching your destination becomes difficult. One surest way of sustaining your joy and peace of mind is Love which amounts to gratitude. When you are grateful to God at every moment, you are asking for more blessings. Love is the Mother of all things you need in life. It helps you to have the mindset of abundance and appreciate the beauty in all things and everyone, offering you the power to focus your mind on the kindness of God towards you and on the vision at hand. This can only be achieved through fellowship with the word of God( Romance 10:17).

Don’t based happiness on your expectations, if they turn out unfruitful you become discouraged and sorrowful; but let everything be done by faith for the very good reason of doing it without anchoring your happiness on the outcome, with the knowledge that God is in control and that he will perfect everything that concerns you. By so doing you are creating from a place of freedom and abundance. This is what it means to be unlimited in life. Everything you need in life is summarized in one word: HAPPINESS. This in reality is Love. Spiritual realization and development is about the liberation of our happiness from the bondage of materialism. When your happiness is freed from material entanglement, you start living life genuinely and stop being anxious about the future because you know that no matter what happens, the lord is your refuge and fortress and that everything is working for your good for the joy of the lord is your strength.

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