Don’t place limitation on your Happiness.

Life is not a battle ground, it’s an experience of peace. Your duty is to guide your heart with all diligence from anything that has the power of robbing you of your joy and happiness. Never wait for happiness and never seek for it from things and people, you will be disappointed if that expectation is not meant. Let your hope be anchored on the promises of God concerning you in Christ Jesus, for he has said ” i will not live you nor forsake you, and the bible made us to understand that: all things work together for good to them that love God……. Romans 8:28 !”. Knowing that God is always working behind the scene to bring you into your expected end, it becomes relevant for you to bask in the joy of been alive and enjoy every moment because God’s promises never fail.

Most people lived several years on earth- some 85, 60, 76, 100 and so on, but the days they spent in true happiness might not be up to 20 years. They spent most of their life waiting for happiness in the hope that when they become rich everything will be okay and their joy will be full, unfortunately, their expectation didn’t happen and they die in poverty! Others became wealthy and they realized that been rich materially doesn’t completely guarantee true happiness. If faith is the substance of things hope for, joy is the evidence of things not seen based on your trust in God. Having faith means you are at peace under any circumstance which translates to patience. By being patient you are able to envision a dream and persistently go through the journey of achieving it. when you are in control of your happiness, you are able to make great choices and the future no longer exist. This is the first step of unlocking your confidence.

The reasons you have to guide your happiness is that it affects your health. It fuels your faith and inspires your drive to accomplish your goals. Any time you feel unmotivated about certain task it’s because your happiness has subsided, making you feel tired, unproductive and opens door for laziness. You are like the driver of a car on the road. When your vehicle lacks fuel, reaching your destination becomes difficult. One surest way of sustaining your joy and peace of mind is Love which amounts to gratitude. When you are grateful to God at every moment, you are asking for more blessings. Love is the Mother of all things you need in life. It helps you to have the mindset of abundance and appreciate the beauty in all things and everyone, offering you the power to focus your mind on the kindness of God towards you and on the vision at hand. This can only be achieved through fellowship with the word of God( Romance 10:17).

Don’t based happiness on your expectations, if they turn out unfruitful you become discouraged and sorrowful; but let everything be done by faith for the very good reason of doing it without anchoring your happiness on the outcome, with the knowledge that God is in control and that he will perfect everything that concerns you. By so doing you are creating from a place of freedom and abundance. This is what it means to be unlimited in life. Everything you need in life is summarized in one word: HAPPINESS. This in reality is Love. Spiritual realization and development is about the liberation of our happiness from the bondage of materialism. When your happiness is freed from material entanglement, you start living life genuinely and stop being anxious about the future because you know that no matter what happens, the lord is your refuge and fortress and that everything is working for your good for the joy of the lord is your strength.

You’re good enough, assert your greatness.

Having a Divine Nature Attitude makes you unstoppable in the land of the living and enables you to do exploits by the power of faith. You might ask: what is a Divine Nature Attitude? It’s the recognition of yourself as God’s Image and the practical application of that knowledge in your daily experience which enables you to exercise your authority and live life with a sense of royalty. The understanding that you’re not ordinary makes you courageous and inspires your willingness to apply your gift and live life to the fullest. Your worth isn’t determined by your work, your work is a channel for the outward manifestation of your wisdom. With the necessary education you’re ready for the top level experience of life. The feeling of being worthy gives you the power to unleash your wealth and maximize your impact through giving. Your greatness isn’t dependent on the circumstances you are currently experiencing ( whether good or bad )or the position you occupy in society, it’s a gift from God. Jesus said” I and my father are one”. In Christ, you’re the expression of God’s intelligent nature. A lion doesn’t give birth to a cat. The feeling of self-disqualification that makes you think most times: that you’re not good enough is inspired by the devil to make you avoid your authentic role in the the stage of life. Your joy is the target of the devil and by making you to feel inferior about yourself you’re influenced to make the wrong choice in matters of life and live in perpetual state of unhappiness.

In Psalm 82:6 KJV, God says” I have said, ye are gods; and all of you are the children of the most High“. If you don’t know who you are you live life as a slave, you sell your destiny for momentary pleasures like Esau who sold his birthright for a plate of portage. Self-negative judgement is the worst enemy of destiny. If you think you’re not good enough, that’s the way the world will treat you. Don’t believe that is only by getting to the top as a celebrity that you become great, you are the embodiment of God! You bring value to whatever you do, and being governed by the sense of exceptionality, you are able to walk on the path of great men and spread happiness to the desolate places as an agent of light on the earth and take advantage of opportunities.

When people feel inferior they define it as shame or fear as an excuse to avoid what they feel called to do in life and by so doing they delay the manifestation of their callings through procrastination. For most of them, they conform because they lacked confidence, little did they know that a Goat in Africa can’t become a Lion in America. This is why most of them misunderstood purpose for position. An Apple seed doesn’t grow and bring forth Orange, its nature of intelligence is to produce Apple. Perfection is your divine birthright. it’s not what you do or what you are struggling to become that determines your fulfillment or how great you are, but your ability to believe that you’re God’s masterpiece. Wherever you pick up a gold, its value remained the same, and when you add it to any ordinary thing its value changes, that’s why the manger where Jesus was born became the destination of the wise men. Anywhere a king lives is a palace! kings are born to lead and demonstrate the splendor of majesty.Your current state might not be reflecting this reality but that’s who you are in Christ. You’re born to be a voice of the silent inspiration of God and affect your generation by asserting your greatness in your aspect of destiny.

Finally, have the consciousness of power and the willingness to serve God and bless humanity and your goodness will do you good in the long run. This is your true reality: You’re the perfection of God’s beauty and the evidence of his creative nature! Shalom.

Giving is like breathing, Living is giving.

We breathe to live and we live to give. Giving is not a religious doctrine, it’s a basic spiritual principle and no man is above the law of giving. This selfless act of compassion is the highest virtue of godliness that set great leaders and prosperous fellows apart in the world of selfishness. Wherever giving is expressed God is glorified. By giving unconditionally we shine our light in the world of darkness and unlocked the floodgate of abundance. Jesus said” let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heavenMatthew 5:16“. Our duty as Christians is to bring heaven to earth by the act of giving and as such whenever you help someone in need and solve a problem that affects the wellbeing of humanity, you are expressing love in the highest order.

Giving is one way to lay hold on greatness and affirm the victorious life in Christ; the boundary that separate the creative rich elite and the self-imposed poverty men. The desire to always get without the ability to give creates tension and cause failure and scarcity. Giving helps you experience the love of God. Just as you have electricity in your house, you can’t see it and you can’t touch it; but by switching on the light you experience it; when you hear the sound of music you recognize the presence of power; even so through the act of giving you become a witness of the reality of the blessings of God which leads to increase of joy and riches because “joy is the power that enables your faith to produce results (Isaiah 12:3) “. The essence of breathing is life and the truth about giving is upliftment. How often do you uplift yourself? In the physical world, we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbondioxide. In life we give out happiness and joy flows into our lives by the power of love. Joy is equal to oxygen and happiness is equal to carbondioxide. By giving we receive a greater volume of joy and divine empowerment. For this reason, we are told” give and it shall be given unto you……Luke 6:38 “.

Receiving is like breathing in oxygen, by giving we breath out carbondioxide. When someone is unable to breathe out carbondioxide what happens? This process is the same with the system of blood circulation in the human body. Every organ, vein and cell receives blood from the heart and by the law of life it forwards it unto others and enables the body to be in good health. The blood must return to the heart in order to keep life going. When any of the organs, veins and cells fails to function in this order the result is sickness or death. Giving is about you, i mean giving is about you! You are like one of those organs and veins in the body. It’s not about the receiver and it’s important also to have the wisdom to know where and when to give. You don’t need anybody to convince you to be a giver in life. The choice is yours. A gift is what you decide to offer someone freely without conditions, it’s an expression of kindness towards people. It could be a word of encouragement, a financial donation to good causes and service to community etc. Whenever you give compassionately, you are making a statement” I HAVE”, and Jesus said” to him that have more shall be given unto him, and he shall have an abundance – Matthew 13:12“, and when you are afraid to give, you are making a statement as well” I DON’T HAVE” and he also said” from him that have not shall be taken away, even the little one he has”.

For this reason, you shouldn’t wait for an opportunity to give, create one for yourself. Be concerned about the problems of this world and the needs of others and you will have so many ways to unleash your compassion and your greatness. With this understanding, you should be wise always to appreciate people when you’re blessed by their actions, don’t just be waiting for help, don’t take people for granted when they offer you a gift or service in any form, also be a helper to someone in the best way you can, a cup of water given to a tasty soul is an act of kindness, by so doing you are giving God the glory. Never you give because you want, but because you have. You are from above, the less is blessed of the better. You can’t give unless you have, just like you can’t breathe out carbondioxide unless you have access to oxygen. By giving generously you are activating the flow of infinite blessings and by so doing you are proclaiming your success in life and when men are cast down, you are lifted up, in time of scarcity, you become like a tree planted by the rivers of water! May the grace to walk in the path of abundance be enriched in you in Jesus name.

Help is healing, by being a healer in the world of pain we energize our peace and live in good health.

Unbelief, the Anti-self enemy of greatness.

In the world, they say” seeing is believing”, in the kingdom of God, believing is seeing. To see before you believe means you’re carnal – physical and powerless. Everything your eye can behold was created by faith in the spiritual world before it became a thing. If you wait to see your desires made manifest before you believe in the power of God you’re denying yourself of the favor of God. To have hope is good, but it takes faith and love to work with God and do exploits. Hope is about the future, faith is about now and love gives us the joy and happiness to live in the reality of faith as the substance of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen. The ability to convert hope into faith is the difference between failure and success. Hope says: i will be a winner, which means, “now” it’s not; and faith says: I AM A WINNER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! That settles it. “ for thou shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass“. In Matthew 17:20, Jesus said” …….if you have faith as grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you”. This means that when you plan by faith, and you’re ready to act, God takes over and heavens begin to orchestrate the events that will enable you to accomplish your desire,”Now” it’s done because in the realm of God there’s no time. When you doubt, you delay the process of manifestation and faith becomes hope.

. If you think you’re imperfect and that you aren’t good enough to do certain thing, you can’t ever be perfect because you believe in your natural strength and by strength shall no man prevail. In 1 Corinthians 2:14, the word of God says” the natural man receives not the things of the spirit of God, neither can he understand them for they are spiritually designed”. Unbelief is the cause of fear, and fear is as a result of separation from God. If you think you are poor, you can’t ever be wealthy, why? Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reaps.The people of the world live in the philosophy of ” STRUGGLE CONTINUES”, that’s why the majority of them are struggling. In Christ, SUCCESS CONTINUES, when men are cast down, you are lifted up by the grace and power of God, that’s the experience of faith!

Anxiety, fear, worriness and depression are the evidence of trust in your own understanding. These are the effect of the enemy of your faith- unbelief as a result of lack of sufficient knowledge of God’s word. Unbelief is an anti-self enemy that denies you of your happiness, which means: man against himself. You are either a believer, doubter or an unbeliever. A believer is spiritually conscious of the effectiveness of the power of God, he doesn’t needs prove to believe and demonstrate his or her victory in Christ, they are governed by the word of God because truth doesn’t need evidence. . A doubter seek for evidence to believe, while an unbeliever looks for reasons not to believe. A doubter never go forward in life, he’s always looking for reasons to be sure, and if they aren’t sure, they don’t step out doing what they feel called to do and as such, they enjoy the comfort Zone. The doubter is a perfectionist and aren’t always perfect. They wait for the spectacular experience and lose sight of golden opportunities. Delay is always their common experience because they trust in their own ability.

When you do things you feel you can do and avoid the ones you think you can’t do, fear is deciding your action, if you feel you can do what you think you can’t do faith is deciding your action– Evang. AlEf Iyayomwangbe.

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